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Valentine's Date Night Ideas

By: Green Guy | February 2023

Flowers, chocolate, and a card are only a few of the ingredients that go into the perfect Valentine’s Day date night. Probably the most important part of your date night is where you going to dine? Have no fear I have a few restaurant recommendations for you and they may or may not be some UDP projects!

Goodyear House – Looking to get dressed up and have nice with sit down dinner Goodyear House would be a great option. With their upscale menu and wide variety of drinks, you are bound to find something that you like here! They even offer igloo seating as an option to enjoy the outdoor space without freezing in the winter months!

Cheats Cheesesteaks – Just imagine that you are in a hallmark movie except it isn’t Christmas nor it is a mountain town, but it is cold. Picture this, it is a sunny day and you want to get out and do something. You and your date (you can be your own date too) get 2 cheesesteaks, fries and a root beer float to share, and you hang out at the picnic benches to enjoy the food with a few laughs. After that you wander around Plaza Midwood and see what other things you can get into!

Optimist Hall – No clue what you want to eat and want to do something more casual? Optimist Hall might be your best option! With choices from a chicken sandwich to a sushi burrito you are bound to find something that you and your date will like here. I mean what’s better than you getting that grilled cheese from Papi Queso and them getting tacos from Velvet Taco? Nothing! It’s literally the best of both worlds and nobody has to compromise on what they want!

 Lintmen’s – if you can’t seem to find anything you like at Optimist you could always hop down the street to Lintmen’s and enjoy Seoul Food Meat Company for a variety of bao bun sliders and tacos. Who doesn’t love a good taco!?

Those are my suggestions for you if you are looking for help on what to do for Valentine’s Day! Good luck!