Employees strategizing on land planning

Services & Process

At Urban Design Partners, we view every project as a living entity, each with a life cycle that begins with a vision and ends with the reality of a built place. Our process supports this cycle by creating an environment to cultivate the growth and development of a project into its full potential.

Land planning drawings

Site Analysis

We begin the process by understanding the goals of our client.  Site selection and analysis are fundamental to the success of all projects. Each piece of land has its own opportunities and constraints which help to define the project and shape its vision.

To give life to the vision, a site must be studied inside and out, with proper consideration given to the larger environmental and context. The site analysis will take into account natural features, jurisdictional requirements, surrounding infrastructure and land-use patterns to better understand its potential to fulfill the vision.

Community land development drawing

Land Planning

Working within site constraints and building upon opportunities, we help interpret your vision as a series of design concepts. We believe the concepts must be a function of the project program while positively responding to the site context as explored and defined during site analysis.

We work with our clients to create an intimate understanding of how to grow their vision. The establishment of a development program and a full understanding of the project allows our clients to have the information necessary to make critical decisions regarding project feasibility.

rezoning drawing


The process of public approval often begins with rezoning, which is why a strategic approach is necessary. We present the vision to the public and achieve approval from the project jurisdiction and regulatory agencies.

Every decision made during the rezoning process affects the viability of a project, so we work closely with our clients, project consultants and review agencies to find the common ground necessary for approval. We are able to tactfully negotiate public wants versus project needs with an understanding of how these negotiations ultimately affect the final design. By the end of the rezoning phase, the vision has typically matured into a well-defined project plan.

Land planning drawing

Site Design & Engineering

Using the fully-developed vision as a guide, our designers facilitate this process by creating the plans and details necessary for permitting and construction. They address every element that shapes the project, from grading and utility plans to planting layout and details. Together they form a guide that brings the vision one step closer to reality.

Construction workers erecting the frame of a wall

Construction Services

We fully understand the importance of seeing a vision through to the end. Although plans and details have been produced there’s often a need for further interpretation and on-site problem solving. We provide construction administration to ensure our clients get the most from both the plans and the contractor. From start to finish, we are there to nurture the project throughout construction to be certain the vision is fully realized.